3. Truck Parking

For more than a decade, lack of available truck parking has been a primary concern for truck drivers, negatively impacting the transportation industry and supply chain. Truck drivers waste an average of 56 minutes of drive time per day looking for a safe parking spot, and for new entrants to the industry, a lack of proper trip planning could force them to shut down their day early or drive past their allowable hours while looking for a parking space. Legislation has been introduced in Congress to provide much needed funding for the transportation industry, but in some areas, there simply is not enough land to expand along major highways.

The trucking industry needs to continue to advocate for improved parking facilities, enhancing the safety and lifestyle for our truck drivers.

PGT Solutions

PGT understands that effective trip planning, along with locating a safe parking space after a long day, can be challenging, particularly for new, inexperienced truck drivers. To help our drivers, PGT provides a dedicated resource for their trip planning and truck parking needs. PGT’s Retention Specialist assists drivers by finding safe and reputable truck stops in route, reserving parking spaces in advance and providing additional tools to help drivers trip plan more effectively.