4. Independent Truck Drivers

There are approximately 350,000-400,000 Owner-Operators, or Independent Contractor Truck Drivers, in the U.S. These drivers value their flexibility, choosing the hours, freight, and lanes they work. They are not employees of a trucking company; they own their truck and their business, selling their services to the customers and companies they prefer. Recently, the independent contractor model has been challenged through reclassification laws, with attempts to label independent truck drivers as company employees. On a federal level, the Department of Labor is expected to decide on a proposed rule to reclassify workers in early 2024.

Independent truck drivers are vital to the U.S. economy, supporting the supply chain and growing commerce. Worker reclassification will eliminate these independent businesses, forcing Owner-Operators into company employment or early retirement.

PGT Solutions

PGT Trucking is proud to support Truckers Integral to Our Economy (TIE), a national trade association that advocates for policies that promote entrepreneurship and economic growth. TIE is committed to educating lawmakers about the impact Independent Contractors can make in their districts and considering the implications of worker reclassification within the trucking industry.