2. Infrastructure

America’s infrastructure is in a state of decline, rated an overall “C-” by the American Society of Civil Engineers 2021 Infrastructure Report Card, with 43% of America’s roadways listed in poor or mediocre condition. Trucks move approximately 72% of America’s freight, making America’s roadways a critical component of the supply chain. With the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in November 2021, numerous grants have been awarded to begin a massive repair of roads, bridges and transit systems in the U.S. Poor infrastructure limits the transportation industry’s ability to move freight efficiently and safely, creating congested bottlenecks that result in 1.2 billion hours of lost productivity for trucking companies annually.

As transportation evolves, the country’s infrastructure must also be prepared to handle the widespread use of electric vehicles, making electric charging and hydrogen fueling stations readily accessible for commercial vehicles. Electric vehicles are also significantly heavier than their diesel counterparts, creating the need for additional regulatory changes on weight limits/restrictions to support interstate commerce. Without changes to weight limitations, carriers will need to reduce load size to compensate for the heavier equipment or face increased permit costs.

PGT Solutions

Through PGT’s partnership with Nikola Corporation, PGT is committed to bringing electric charging and hydrogen fueling stations to our operating area. Mobile charging fuelers and trailers provide flexible options to support the Nikola Tre BEV and FCEV during their initial usage. PGT will continue to work with our partners and vendors to explore full-service solutions to enable greater use of electric vehicles while advocating for additional improvements to America’s infrastructure.