3. Truck Parking

The lack of available truck parking continues to be a primary concern in the industry, ranking in the top five of the American Transportation Research Institute’s Top Industry Issues since 2015. Estimates based on the Federal Highway Administration 2019 Jason’s Law survey roughly equate one truck parking space for every 11 drivers. Truck drivers are forced to stop working early in order to secure a safe parking spot, leaving valuable driving hours on the table every day and delaying shipment times. Lack of truck parking also impacts driver retention and safety, with more drivers choosing to leave the industry rather than deal with the added stress of parking.

In 2022, bills were introduced by Congress to address concerns with commercial truck parking but failed to advance during the legislative session, including attempts to improve driver access to restroom facilities. A new truck parking bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives this year, and the trucking industry hopes to see its advancement, improving the work environment for our truck drivers.

PGT Solutions

PGT continues to advocate for improvements within the trucking industry to enhance the lifestyle for truck drivers. By addressing the basic needs of drivers, like access to safe parking locations and restroom facilities, the trucking industry can retain drivers and even attract new entrants to the profession, ensuring that America’s supply chain keeps moving. PGT actively supports legislation that addresses these concerns.