PGT’s Truck Parking Tools: Helping Our Drivers Stay Safe on the Road

For nearly a decade, the lack of available truck parking has ranked as a Top 5 Industry Issue by the American Transportation Research Institute. Every truck driver knows that after a long day out on the road, the last thing they want to do is struggle to find a safe space to park for the night. PGT Trucking understands the frustration of these essential workers, providing our flatbed truck drivers with truck parking tools to stay safe on the road.

Estimates roughly equate one truck parking space for every 11 drivers, based on the Federal Highway Administration 2019 Jason’s Law survey. Every day, truck drivers are forced to stop working early in order to secure a safe parking spot, leaving valuable driving hours on the table and delaying shipment times. Lack of truck parking poses a serious safety issue, with a number of truck drivers resorting to park along the side of the road or making their own parking spot in a risky area. Some truck drivers have chosen to leave the industry rather than deal with the daily struggle, and potential newcomers may even be discouraged from entering trucking altogether.

Trucking companies, commercial truck stops, and state and federal governments need to join forces to implement real solutions for our drivers out on the road. Despite recent bipartisan efforts, truck parking remains a top issue for America’s truck drivers. PGT is committed to taking action now, providing immediate relief for our flatbed truck drivers while continuing to advocate for industry improvements.

Trip Planning

An effective trip plan is the best way for a truck driver to improve their utilization, reduce stress and generate consistent revenue. By mapping out their route and planned stops in advance, professional truck drivers can anticipate their exact location at the end of the day, helping them to schedule deliveries and locate parking. A good trip plan includes a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and other contingencies, ensuring that the truck driver is prepared for whatever may happen along the way. Freight bottlenecks in the U.S. are estimated to cost the trucking industry 1.2 billion hours of productivity annually. The success of a truck driver relies on their ability to navigate congested areas, manage their Hours of Service requirements and search through limited parking facilities, all part of an effective trip plan.

Trip planning helps truck drivers maximize their driving time, leading to increases in utilization and revenue. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets Hours of Service regulations for commercial motor vehicles, stating that truck drivers can only drive a maximum of 11 hours per day within a 14 hour on-duty window. Truck drivers must also take a 30-minute break from driving after 8 hours, and of course, they must add in time to stop for fuel, food, restrooms and securement checks, not to mention any possible delays from traffic congestion, construction zones or detours. With an effective trip plan, truck drivers can identify their stops, breaks and parking needs along their route, helping them to make the most out of their HOS clock.

During PGT’s Training and Orientation, all driver candidates go through multiple sessions dedicated to trip planning. Because our Training Instructors are experienced CDL-holders, our drivers will learn from the men and women who have been through it all before, helping them anticipate and plan for every possible scenario. New drivers also receive extensive coaching from their Mentors and Certified PRO Trainers, continuing to build this essential skill in real world applications. After training, our Fleet Managers and Safe Operations Managers are available 24/7/365 for additional support, always ready to help you make the most of your time on the road.

Parking Assistance with PGT Trucking

Trip planning is a skill developed over time, so after training, new drivers may still need help scheduling their week, and even seasoned flatbed truck drivers may run into an unforeseen issue over the road. That’s why PGT offers a parking assistance service to our Proud Professionals. We have dedicated personnel on staff to help our truck drivers locate safe parking locations as a part of their normal trip planning routine. Using the latest tools and technology, our staff can quickly search an area to locate safe, trusted parking locations at major truck stops and PGT terminals, communicating these options to our flatbed truck drivers out on the road.

Thanks to PGT’s direct customer freight, our truck drivers consistently travel within the same areas, helping them become familiar with the lane and learn the best stopping points along the way. We also work closely with our customers to provide parking resources for our truck drivers when there might not be adequate facilities nearby. Through these strong personal relationships, we can provide additional resources to help our flatbed truck drivers.

No matter what their parking needs are, PGT is there to make sure they have a safe place to rest.


Today’s truck drivers can benefit from the advancements in technology, utilizing mobile applications to see real-time parking updates, reserve spaces and find alternative locations. PGT recommends approved apps from Pilot/Flying J and Trucker Path as additional resources for our Proud Professionals. Remember, don’t follow a GPS blindly! These tools are meant to supplement a driver’s trip plan and parking assistance.

Advocating for Change

The lack of truck parking is estimated to cost truck drivers more than 56 minutes of drive time each day, nearly a $5,500 loss in annual compensation, according to the American Trucking Associations and Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. PGT understands that immediate action needs to be taken to keep America’s truck drivers safe, and we actively advocate for improvements to transportation industry. PGT’s Senior Leadership routinely participates in research studies, state and federal congressional hearings, multi-industry conferences and other platforms, fighting for the needs of our Proud Professionals. Our drivers are the heart of our company, and we remain committed to enhancing the driver experience.

Have you been stuck on the side of the road, looking for safe truck parking? Call PGT!

All too often, truck drivers are forced to shut down early in the hopes of securing a parking spot, or worse, parking in unsafe locations along the highway. At PGT, our truck drivers have dedicated resources to overcome these challenges. We will always be there to assist our Proud Professionals, helping them plan their routes, maximize their hours and stay safe on the road.

“It was great to have someone at PGT as an additional resource to help me find a safe parking location,” states Ken Finlayson, PGT Trucking Company Driver. “That kind of support means a lot to me.”

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