Percentage Pay Guide for Truck Drivers


Here at PGT Trucking, we feel strongly that the percentage pay model is the most beneficial way to pay drivers. The majority of PGT Trucking company fleet averages 27% of the line haul revenue!

We pride ourselves on a transparent, fair pay system, and PGT drivers know what their pay will be for each load, every time one is assigned. 

Percentage Pay vs Mileage Pay

  • Percentage Pay lets you make MORE money when freight rates are upWith Percentage Pay, drivers make a consistent percentage of the freight cost, and with the overwhelming demand for professional truck drivers, shipping rates are projected to continue to rise. Also, trucking jobs that pay by percentage allow you to take advantage of seasonal upswings in the market, like the holiday season. You will get paid more when your carrier gets paid more. Mileage Pay will pay you the same cents per mile year-round, even when the carrier is charging customers more.
  • With Percentage Pay truck driving jobs, drivers know how much they are getting paid before they pick up the loadWith mileage pay, your truck’s Electronic Logging Device (ELD) will record the actual miles you have driven. But, if the dispatcher has only allowed for you to be paid by the short miles (shortest distance along the necessary route), you may not be paid for the actual, practical miles you drove in order to take the fastest route.  When your GPS asks you “Shortest route or Fastest Route,” which do you choose?  You don’t want the scenic route, you want the highway! The same applies to flatbed trucking jobs.
  • Percentage Pay has the most potential for income growthFlatbed trucking jobs with Percentage Pay have higher potential for income growth because carriers will be charging customers more each year for the same trips and you will also receive that benefit.  With a Mileage Pay job, your cents per mile rate may only increase by one cent or so per year.
  • With Percentage Pay you know you are getting paid fairlyWith Mileage Pay, you know your cents per mile rate and the number of miles you have driven, but will the company give you credit for the full miles or only their “short miles” allowance?  If there’s a big difference between your actual miles and the allowed miles, you will not be making as much as you expected!

    Trucking jobs with Percentage Pay give you full transparency and you know that your pay is accurate, as long as your company shares with you the rated Bill of Lading.

  • With Percentage Pay you get paid more for valuable loads.With Percentage Pay you will earn more if the truck earns more. If you are involved with a time sensitive delivery, for example, that delivery cost will also be higher. When you are paid by the percentage, if the rates increase then your pay increases.
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PGT Trucking is committed to treating its drivers with integrity, just as we honor your hard-work and dedication to the job. We are invested in maintaining high-quality, safe flatbed transportation services and we want to develop, retain, and reward quality employees. Our Percentage Pay program will reward you, our dedicated driver.

To apply and learn more about our pay program, please visit Flatbed Trucking Jobs Near Me.