Flatbed Trucking Jobs – A Guide for Truckers

With the national truck driver shortage, the demand for truck drivers is at an all time high. The American Trucking Association estimated that in 2021, the shortage hit a historic high of over 80,000 drivers. There are more job opportunities than ever before, and one of the most lucrative careers in the transportation industry is that of a flatbed truck driver.

Flatbed trucking has higher average pay than dry van trucking due to the additional physical requirements and expertise needed to properly secure a loaded commodity. A flatbed truck driver doesn’t just drive the truck from point A to point B—they are on the trailer securing and tarping their cargo to ensure it doesn’t move in transit, and then they get in the cab to drive to their destination.

At PGT Trucking, we use the percentage pay model to pay our drivers, which offers even more benefits over the typical dry van rate per mile pay scale. The majority of PGT’s company fleet averages 27% of the line haul revenue, which means our drivers are paid more for their efforts.

What is work like for the flatbed truck driver?

Flatbed trucks have an open trailer, so drivers can haul larger and heavier cargo than a dry or refrigerated van. Flatbed truck drivers will transport items such as steel coils, building materials, lumber, shingles, pipe and more.

Some key aspects of flatbed trucking are: 

  • Load Securement: Because commodities are hauled on an open trailer, they must be properly secured so they will not move in transit. Load securement prevents the cargo from moving and keeps the driver, the commodity and other motorists safe. At PGT, you will have thorough training and ongoing support to make sure you succeed in load securement.

  • Tarping: Flatbed trailers do not have walls or a roof. Heavy duty tarps are used to protect the commodity from the elements and debris. Once the load is secured, tarps are added and secured to protect the load and stay in place during transit.

  • Equipment: Flatbed truck drivers use various types of equipment to secure their loads. PGT provides our company drivers with standard equipment like straps, chains, binders, tarps, dunnage and coil racks, and you’ll learn how to use everything properly during your orientation and training.

What are the major advantages of a career in flatbed trucking?

  • Higher Average Pay: Flatbed truck driving is a financially rewarding career, and in 2021, PGT’s average pay for first year drivers was almost $73,000, compared to an industry average pay of $59,000 for all truck drivers.

  • Opportunities for Specialty Loads: Driving in the flatbed industry gives truckers opportunities for transporting unique cargo, and there are opportunities to haul even more specialized loads, like oversized/overweight commodities or HAZMAT/liquid gasses.

  • Rewarding Career: Flatbed trucking is a challenging yet mentally satisfying job that will provide you with a rewarding career. Drivers regularly apply their skills and knowledge to a variety of tasks, and no two loads are the same. Through flatbed trucking, you will be actively engaged on a daily basis and end your days feeling accomplished.

What do you need to get started in the flatbed trucking industry?

To drive a flatbed truck, you need to obtain a Class A CDL. PGT welcomes drivers from all experience levels, so whether you’re a true veteran or a pure student, we will set you up for success.

What should you look for in a flatbed trucking company job?

A Focus on Family

At PGT, we know the importance of time at home with your family. Roughly 95% of PGT’s drivers are home on a weekly basis. PGT goes one step further and treats you like a member of our family—you’re not just a truck driver with a number. We focus on maintaining driver relationships so that you always feel at home with PGT.

Solid Benefits

All of PGT’s drivers, office personnel and even our CEO, Pat Gallagher, are on the same health plan. When we say that we treat our team as a family, we mean it, and we cover everyone with the best benefits available, from top executives down to non-exempt employees.

Best Pay

Our company fleet averages 27% of the line haul revenue. PGT’s percentage pay beats out mileage pay, which is why we are an industry leader in driver compensation. Drivers paid by percentage can easily make 50% more than the same jobs with the mileage pay model.

Support and Training

Regardless of your experience level, PGT has a training program for you! For student drivers, we make sure to get you behind the wheel with one of our Certified PRO Trainers so that you can start driving right away while having the support of a fellow driver. We believe that you learn from the best, so all of our instructors are skilled CDL drivers with over 100 years of combined driving experience. 

Your support doesn’t end after training! PGT drivers have 24/7/365 access to their Fleet Managers, Safety/Risk Team and Training Department.

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Drive with Us

PGT supports our drivers by giving them the training, equipment and resources they need to be successful flatbed truck drivers. Whether you have years of flatbed experience or just got your CDL-A, we will customize our training program to meet your individual needs. We are committed to being one of the safest and most reliable flatbed carriers in the industry.

When you drive for PGT, you’re part of the PGT family. We care about our drivers: we offer an industry-leading percentage pay package, great benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance, and more. If you’re looking for a CDL-A job, come join our team today!

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