Million Mile Driver Spotlight #7

PGT Trucking was founded in 1981 with a focus on building lasting relationships and providing quality service, and today, over forty years later, it’s still about the people. PGT is family, and no role at PGT is more important than that of our drivers. Our drivers are treated with respect, and we give them customized support to meet each driver’s individual needs. You’re not just at a number in a truck – you’re a human being and a valued member of our team.
“Our greatest strength at PGT is our commitment to take care of the people who work here, take care of our customers and take care of our drivers,” says Gregg Troian, PGT Trucking President.
For our drivers, the majority of their time is spent over the road alone, so every personal relationship matters. It’s important to stay in touch with friends and family, but with the right company, like PGT, drivers can build additional relationships. PGT values the personal connection with our drivers, and in turn, our drivers feel the support from their team in the office.
As our owner, Pat Gallagher, states, “A driver wants to come work for PGT because PGT cares.”
Our drivers are never truly alone, and one of the most important dynamics at PGT is between a driver and his/her Fleet Manager. We match our drivers and Fleet Managers with the intent of finding the best combination of personalities, planned workloads and operating styles. When you have the right relationship, drivers and Fleet Managers help each other grow and prosper.
At PGT, one of our top driver/manager combinations is in our Wallboard Division. Ross Tindall started driving for PGT in 2011 as a Company Driver, and after 10 years, Ross has joined an elite group of drivers at PGT – our Million Mile Drivers! Ross is also a Certified PRO Trainer. Ross’ Fleet Manager, Frank Taormina, has been with PGT since 2002, and they have worked together for most of Ross’ tenure at PGT. Ross and Frank are a prime example of PGT’s commitment to personal relationships.

Meet Ross Tindall
Frank states that Ross “has always been one of the best drivers on my board.” Ross is an ultimate professional who is always on time, works hard and helps PGT be successful. Other drivers appreciate Ross’ willingness to help, whether it’s securing/tarping a load, adjusting his route or keeping up a “can do” attitude. It’s not easy to safely drive over a million miles without a preventable accident, but Ross’ professionalism and dedication to the job keep him driving at such an elite level.
For Ross, driving a million miles is all about having self-confidence. You need to believe in yourself and have the wherewithal to get the job done.
“The secret,” Ross says, “is that you have to be one with the truck.”
Of course, the job isn’t without challenges. One of the most difficult tasks Ross has faced is driving through New York City, trying to navigate a 48’ loaded trailer with heavy traffic, tight corners and a constant flow of pedestrians. For new drivers, Ross acknowledges that there will be tough times ahead, but the important thing is to hang in there and keep learning.
“Don’t give up,” advises Ross.
Despite the challenges, Ross knows there are a lot of benefits to flatbed truck driving. By staying on top of his schedule, Ross has been able to keep running, make good money and have flexibility with his hours when needed. Ross credits a large part of his success to his Fleet Manager, Frank. According to Ross, Frank learned how Ross liked to operate and formulated a customized plan to keep Ross running based on his preferences. Frank treats Ross like a professional and is always respectful. If there are ever any issues, Ross knows that he can contact Frank and the PGT team, and Ross trusts that the issue will be resolved in a timely and professional manner. Of course, Frank says the same things about Ross.
“Ross is a player I want on my team, always,” states Frank.
Ross values the relationships he has with the other professionals at PGT, and he appreciates our family-oriented approach. For Ross, he knows how important it is to have the support of his Fleet Manager, his Safety/Risk teams and the entire staff at PGT. Together, we can achieve our goals to be safe, efficient and profitable for our drivers, employees and customers. We’re more than a trucking company – we’re family.
“I love this company,” says Ross. “There will be many, many safe years to come with PGT.”
Congratulations on a million safe miles, Ross, and we will continue to support you on your next goal, driving 10 million safe miles with PGT!
Join Our Team
Are you interested in joining a company that supports and values you as a driver? Join PGT today! We will pair you with the best fleet manager and division to match your individual needs, and we offer industry-leading benefits like percentage pay, weekend home time, medical, dental and vision insurance, 401(k) program and more.