When to transition to an owner-operator

Considering a career as an owner-operator/independent contractor? With the ever increasing demand for truck drivers, there has never been a better time to start your own business as an independent contractor.

Do you want:

  • To own your own truck

  • Flexibility and freedom

  • Increased earning potential

As an independent contractor, you will own and run your business, so it’s important to partner with a company who will help you succeed.

The main things to consider when transitioning from a company driver to an independent contractor truck driver

  • Running a business – As an independent contractor, you will face an entirely new set of tasks that were previously handled by your employer, like managing cash flow, keeping tax records and filing permits. You’ll also be responsible for maintenance costs, new equipment and other business-related expenses. By partnering with a major carrier like PGT, owner-operators can get the support they need to help run their business while maintaining their independence.

  • Start up funds – When making the transition to being an independent contractor, one of the most common questions is “How do I move from a Company Driver to an Owner-Operator without breaking the bank by purchasing my own truck?” Consider working with a company that has a proven lease purchase program.

  • Career goals – Are you looking to own your own truck? Do you dream of owning your own fleet or even starting an agency terminal? Working with a major carrier can help you meet your career goals.

  • Support – Owner-Operators have to find their freight, secure their loads and drive safely for hundreds of miles, all while trying to grow their business. They can find the business support they need through another trucking company, but it’s important to partner with a carrier that supports your independence and wants to help you meet your goals.

The main benefits of partnering with PGT as an independent contractor

  • Maintain your freedom – PGT understands that you want to run your business, so our Owner-Operator program focuses on giving you the support and assistance you need while still respecting your freedom as an independent contractor.

  • Increased earning potential – Independent contractors make more money per load through the percentage pay model. At PGT, our owner-operators earn 75% of the Line Haul Revenue. Partnering with PGT also gives you access to our strong freight network, diverse customer base and dedicated support team.

  • Support – PGT works with each individual driver to develop a customized program to ensure their success. We have an Owner-Operator Advocate who will focus on the corporate side of the business so that our independent contractors can stay on the road making money. Independent contractors also have 24/7 access to their Fleet Managers and Safety Teams for ongoing support.

  • Home time – PGT understands that you want to maximize your earning potential while still getting home for the weekend soccer game. We’ll work with your schedule so you can be home for your family.

  • Lease purchase – PGT has late model equipment available for our lease purchase program, and our trucks are never purchased from an auction. Our custom financing options will help you on the path to truck ownership without breaking the bank.

  • Maintenance support – Through PGT’s vast network, Independent Contractors can take advantage of our top-tier maintenance support to limit their downtime. We’ll get you back on the road quickly so you can continue making money.

  • Family –  PGT is a family-oriented business, and we treat our team of professional drivers as our most valued asset. PGT develops personal relationships with our team that builds trust and confidence, setting up drivers for long-term success.

    “PGT is very family-oriented, and they take really great care of their drivers. They want to see their drivers succeed and do well. We are all out on the road for one reason – we are trying to provide for our families and give them the best life possible.”
    – Justin Shea, Independent Contractor and Agency Terminal Manager with PGT
  • Benefits – PGT offers access to healthcare programs along with discounts on parts, tires and fuel.

  • Incentive Programs – Contractors are eligible for various incentive programs including referral bonuses, recognition of service years and safety awards.

    “PGT’s compensation and incentive programs are one of the best in the industry. When talking with incoming Independent Contractors, it is one of the items that sets us apart from other trucking companies.”
    – Kacy Odom, PGT Senior Recruiter-Independent Contractor Development

Are you ready to become an independent trucker?

At PGT, we offer customized programs for our independent contractors to help you reach your full potential. PGT respects your independence and supports your career goals. We’ll provide the resources you need to be a successful Owner-Operator. Let us handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business. Partner with PGT today!

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