Million Mile Driver Spotlight #8

With more than 40 years of experience, PGT Trucking knows that our drivers are the greatest asset to our success. While PGT has always been committed to supporting our Proud Professionals, the rest of the transportation industry didn’t always hold the same beliefs, but that old school ideology is changing. We are enhancing our driver experience and providing a safer, more reliable service through technology advancements and new age thinking. PGT will continue to transform our industry and improve the lifestyle for our drivers.

No one knows more about the industry changes than our final driver spotlight and new Million Mile Driver, William Tucker.

Meet William Tucker
William Tucker has over 27 years of truck driving experience, and he’s been with PGT as a Company Driver for over 12 years (the longest he’s been with any company). Bill knows that things weren’t always easy for truck drivers, and he’s grateful for the “new school” changes in the industry.
“Back in the day, no one cared about drivers as much. You didn’t have cell phones and 24/7 access to your company. You had to wait in a long line for a pay phone, and if you didn’t call them in time, the office was closed for the night,” says Bill. “Now, I have hands-free capability and can get ahold of someone at PGT whenever I need them. The industry has done a great job to become a more professional industry, and it shows.”
Bill also appreciates the new technology in the truck, particularly the AI-powered cameras and electronic logging device. It makes it easier for him to keep track of his driving time throughout the day, and the cameras help to show what really happens on the road, especially if there is an incident. With these new advances, Bill is able to focus on his driving and staying safe, which he has done for over one million miles.
“It’s easy: anticipate. You have to anticipate what’s going to happen, what other people will do,” states Bill. “Focus on what’s ahead, maintain your speed and get out and look at your situation.”
Bill’s advice to his fellow drivers, especially to pure students, is to take their time. He doesn’t get in a hurry and focuses on safety above all else. Bill knows that it’s easier to reschedule a delivery than it is to deal with a violation, load shift or accident.
“Slow down, don’t get in a hurry and take time to learn,” advises Bill.
Bill is also a two-time combat veteran from the 82nd Airborne Division in the U.S. Army. Bill believes that being a flatbed truck driver has some similarities to being in the military, so it was a natural transition for him when he changed careers.
When asked what was easier, jumping out of a plane or driving a truck, Bill joked, “jumping out of a plane, definitely. All I had to do was jump and count.”
For Bill, he plans to keep driving as long as he can. He likes what he does, and he makes good money doing it. When he is at home, Bill enjoys working out, restoring his 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger and working on projects around the house, especially landscaping. When he is on the road, Bill likes to stay informed and listens to news from around the world, and he even hosts his own podcast. Bill hates to be bored, and flatbed trucking provides him a new challenge every day to keep him motivated.
So what does Bill plan to do next?
“Keep driving and keep supporting my family,” says Bill.
Join Our Team
For Bill and all our drivers, PGT is dedicated to enhancing the transportation industry to provide better career opportunities, more home time and safer driving habits. We have partnerships with industry leaders in automation and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to revolutionize flatbed trucking and offer new, sustainable shipping solutions. PGT is the Future of FlatbedSM, and we will continue to lead our industry toward a better tomorrow.
Take part in our exciting and innovative initiatives by joining our team today! We are looking for Class A CDL drivers, technicians and office personnel. Apply now!