2. Infrastructure

The trucking industry moves 10.93 billion tons of freight in the U.S., which is estimated to increase 1.4% per year through 2050. Despite this growth, the country’s infrastructure continues to decline, with no notable improvements across any category. There is even an estimated $2.59 trillion gap in funding through 2029 to repair these systems.

In June 2023, a portion of Interstate 95 in Northeast Philadelphia collapsed due to a tanker truck fire, causing a two-week closure of the highway. A new temporary roadway will allow traffic to pass through the area while the permanent roadway is rebuilt, which is expected to take several months. Around 160,000 vehicles are estimated to travel the affected area daily. While the overpass was rated in good condition by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the closure caused heavy traffic congestion and freight delays for several days.

PGT Solutions

In March 2023, Chad Marsilio, PGT Trucking Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President, presented testimony at a public hearing held by the Pennsylvania House Republican Policy Committee, advocating for more funding to address the state’s poor infrastructure and truck driver facilities. PGT Senior Leadership continues to work with industry and government officials to help improve our infrastructure and create a more efficient supply chain.