1. Sustainability

Freight transportation continues to be a leading contributor of carbon emissions in the U.S., responsible for over half of the nitrogen oxide total emissions inventory in the country. The trucking industry moves about 72.2% of America’s freight tonnage, making motor carriers a primary focus for sustainability efforts. Battery electric vehicles can be a viable option for both carriers and customers, but long-haul applications will be better served through hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. This innovative equipment continues to be researched and tested as the trucking industry works to provide more sustainable transportation services.

PGT Solutions

PGT Trucking, together with partners Nikola and Nucor, has successfully implemented a clean energy supply chain, delivering the first shipment of low-greenhouse-gas steel with a zero-emissions battery electric vehicle Class 8 truck. PGT purchased its first Nikola Tre BEV unit to start 2023, adding an additional truck in Q2. PGT’s green fleet will be used for dedicated local lanes that operate in a return-to-base situation, and we will continue to work with our trusted partners to pursue additional long-haul applications.

PGT has also made notable improvements in the fuel efficiency of our company-owned fleet, hitting our highest average miles per gallon metric yet. We are making an impact through our investment in new equipment, with a focus on enhanced performance specifications, helping PGT achieve our carbon emissions reduction goal.