The Top Five Things to Consider when Looking for a New Flatbed Company Driver Job

Advantages of PGT Trucking

1 – Pay

There is no better time to start your career as a CDL-A flatbed truck driver. Trucking Industry pay has been consistently increasing year after year, and we don’t expect that to stop.

At PGT Trucking, our fleet averages 27% of the line haul revenue. We know that percentage pay beats out mileage pay, which is one of the reasons that PGT leads the industry in driver compensation. Drivers paid by percentage can make 50% more than the same jobs using mileage pay.

In addition to having one of the best pay packages in the industry, PGT offers great benefits. At PGT, our CEO, Pat Gallagher, is on the same health plan as our company drivers. We cover everyone equally, from the top executives down to non-exempt employees. This is because at PGT, you are part of a family.

2 – Family & Home Time

PGT knows the importance of home time and vacation. Professional drivers work hard to support their families, and PGT knows that family comes first. That is why 95% of PGT’s drivers are home weekly.

  • Be there for birthdays.

  • Be there for anniversaries.

  • Be there for the championship game.

PGT supports our drivers and these special moments, and we offer flexible home time packages and vacation benefits to get our drivers home when they need to be.

Our Fleet Managers work with each driver to assess their needs and devise a schedule that ensures those needs are being met. There is no-one-size-fits-all solution. At PGT, you will be treated with respect, and we will work to achieve your goals for your unique situation.

Join a company that puts family first.

3 – Equipment

If you are a flatbed truck driver, you know that you make money when you are on the road. That’s why PGT has some of the best equipment and leading maintenance teams in the industry.

At PGT, we cycle our equipment over a four year period of time. At the end of four years, we complete a full assessment on our equipment. We may choose to offer trucks in our Lease Purchase Program if they have low mileage and are mechanically sound.

We know that in order to recruit and retain the best professional flatbed truck drivers we need to have new equipment, so that’s exactly what we do. Our truck drivers can rely on late model equipment, which helps us achieve the highest level of success and safety.

4 – Respect

“I talk to drivers on a regular basis. Usually, if they have a problem, they call me and I try to put them in touch with the right people. I still have relationships with [drivers] going back to 1981. I think you have to understand the job that they are doing, how difficult the job is and today I have a better understanding of what is required with the professional driver… PGT is like a family because we care.”

  • Pat Gallagher, CEO/Founder, PGT Trucking

PGT is family, plain and simple. You are not a truck number. You are a name, a face, and a valued member of our team.

We know truckers provide essential services to our country, undergo extensive training, and work hard to provide a good lifestyle for their families. They deserve to be treated fairly.

At PGT, what we say and what we do are one in the same. We do not say one thing to get drivers in the door and then do another once they are here. Transparency is KEY to showing drivers respect.

Our experienced management team respects your time and works with reliable customers to ensure you are moving and making money. Your safety is a priority each and every day.

5 – Support & Training

PGT offers extensive training and support for our truck drivers. Even if you are a flatbed truck driver with 20 years of experience, we want to make sure you have the knowledge and tools to be successful at PGT. 

Each and every driver will receive a customized training program. Our training program gets you behind the wheel and on the road with one of our Certified PRO Trainers. Our instructors are experienced CDL drivers with over 100 years of combined experience.

At PGT, we believe in “practicing what you preach.” Each week, PGT staff from the Operations, Maintenance, Compliance/Safety/Risk, Sales, Recruiting, and Load Center Departments head to the Blairsville training facility to take part in a two-day training program, learning the fundamentals of load securement, both in the classroom and hands-on in the warehouse. To properly support our drivers, this training helps corporate staff members gain a better understanding of what our Proud Professionals encounter on the road each day. Our drivers have support 24/7/365.

If you are looking to build experience in the flatbed trucking industry, you won’t get better training, orientation, and ongoing support than what we offer at PGT.

Cole Welham, General Manager, Liedtka Logistics; Carol Walla, Site Manager, Gary; Sebastian Wagner, Fleet Manager; and Katie Rousseau, Assistant Breakdown Manager took part in our Flatbed 101 training  in Blairsville, PA.

“This training was extremely beneficial! You hear about what the drivers do each day, but as an office staff member, you do not realize all that they have to go through to secure the commodity on their trailer. I believe everyone should take part in Flatbed 101 to experience what a driver encounters out on the road. I appreciate our drivers so much more after this experience!” – Katie Rousseau

Drive for PGT Trucking

At PGT, we offer the best pay, equipment, and training and support to set you up for success. We treat our drivers as family and respect the time, effort, and commitment they put in to make PGT the industry leader. Come join our team today! 

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