The National Truck Driver Shortage

Now is a Great Time to Start Your Professional Driving Career

Trucking Industry by the Numbers (U.S.)

  • There is a shortage of roughly 80,000 truck drivers.[1]
  • The number of unfilled trucking jobs is expected to double by 2030.[1]
  • The average commercial truck driver in the U.S. is 48 years old.[2]
  • Approximately 72.5% of all freight in the U.S. is moved via truck.[3]

Reasons for the Truck Driver Shortage

  • Aging Workforce: Many current drivers are approaching retirement age, and companies aren’t able to replenish their workforce fast enough.
  • Supply Chain Issues: Increasing demand for products has overwhelmed the capacity of the supply chain and has pressured the transportation industry to solve these logistical issues.
  • Driver Stereotypes: Contrary to popular belief, truck driving is an elite profession made up of men and women who are smart, talented and dedicated. Drivers are routinely drug/alcohol tested, follow strict safety regulations and meet the physical demands of the job.

Why Consider a Flatbed Driving Career with PGT Trucking?

  • Availability of Jobs: With the current truck driver shortage, there are always open positions for professional flatbed drivers, truck technicians and office personnel.
  • High Paying Career: Due to tight capacity, drivers are making more money than ever before. In 2021, first year drivers averaged an astounding $73,000. Top earners brought in over six figures!
  • It’s a Driver’s Market: Candidates can find any type of job to meet their needs, whether that’s local, regional, long haul or specific freight.
  • Rapid Career Growth: Candidates can start as a Company Driver and quickly work their way through our Lease Purchase program, eventually becoming an Independent Contractor with their own fleet.
Truck driving is a lucrative career where people can provide for their families and satisfy a craving for adventure. With industry demands higher than ever before, there are plenty of opportunities to get started. Ditch the 9-5 desk job and take part in this essential industry!
At PGT, we know drivers are our most valuable asset. Our drivers are not just a number on a truck – they’re people with unique interests, needs and backgrounds. Home time and family are important, and we offer multiple opportunities and customized plans for each driver to find what works best for them. We put family first, because at PGT, our drivers are our family. Our drivers have support 24/7/365 through a dedicated team of professionals, many of whom have their own driving experience. We know the job is challenging, but it can be rewarding at the right company.
We provide percentage-based pay for our drivers, which can pay 50% more on the same job than mileage-based pay. Percentage pay means drivers are paid more when freight rates rise, and currently freight rates are at an all-time high. Our drivers know how much they’ll be paid before they even pick up the load, which helps drivers and their families budget accordingly. We also offer industry-leading benefits including healthcare (medical, vision and dental), a 401(k) with 100% company match (up to 5% of gross pay), and more. Truck driving is not just a job; it’s a career!
PGT believes that transparency is the key to retaining great drivers. We practice what we preach, and we treat our drivers with the respect they deserve. PGT’s dedicated team of professionals provide ongoing training, support and resources for our drivers to keep them moving and making money. Our drivers know they can count on PGT to give them the equipment and support they need to successfully complete their runs, and our customers know their loads will be delivered safely, on time and damage-free.
With so many challenges in the trucking industry, PGT is looking to the future for a new approach in solving these issues. We’ve partnered with Locomation and Nikola Corporation to take advantage of new technologies so we can provide a better experience for our customers and our drivers. Human-guided automation and environmentally-friendly vehicles are just the start. PGT is committed to improving the transportation industry and solving our supply chain issues so that our customers, drivers and planet will all benefit from the Future of FlatbedSM.

Join Our Team Today

Do you have Class A CDL? We have openings for company drivers, independent contractors and lease purchase operators, along with a specialized division, which includes HAZMAT and tanker vehicles. Our company isn’t limited to just drivers! We also have positions for a wide range of professional, clerical and technical field opportunities. Everyone at PGT plays a part in our success to keep materials moving across the country.

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