Women in Trucking

The Transportation Industry – an Opportunity for Women

Many jobs are available in the trucking industry. With the demand for moving freight continuing to rise, tenured drivers retiring, and a decrease in job applications, this is the perfect time to consider a job at PGT Trucking. Opportunities are available for both flatbed truck drivers and supporting positions.

Why Become a Truck Driver?


  • Regardless of the state of the U.S. economy, we will always be relied on to deliver goods to their destination. Truck driving is an essential service and that ensures job security.

  • The prerequisites to become a flatbed truck driver include a high school diploma and a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class A. No college degree is needed. So, whether you are a recent high school graduate or just looking for a new career opportunity, this could be the option for you.

  • The trucking industry offers some of the highest-paid positions that do not have college degree requirements. First year truck drivers earned an average salary of $47,130 in 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additional benefits like health insurance, paid vacation time and retirement plans are offered by fleets to their company drivers.

  • While truck driving has been a male-dominated occupation, many companies are actively recruiting women to join their teams. Truck driving is a career path that rewards equal pay for equal work, and one can expect appropriate compensation, regardless of gender.

  • While you are often on your own while behind the wheel, you have an entire team supporting you. Whether you have technical issues with your truck or need rerouting assistance due to road conditions, you are a phone call away from individuals ready to assist you.

  • Depending on the company you join, you can choose to drive locally and be home every night or become a regional or over-the-road truck driver. Whether you need to stay close because of family commitments or have a desire to travel and see new sights, you can make truck driving work for you.

  • Becoming a part of the transportation industry offers you a wide-open career path, allowing you to grow in the direction that you want to. Whether you want to become a company driver, a lease purchase operator, or work for yourself as an independent contractor, companies such as PGT Trucking can offer you the resources and support you need to succeed.

  • The trucking industry is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable work environment for its drivers. With an emphasis placed on in-depth training, mentoring opportunities, and quality equipment, you’ll have continuous support throughout your career.


“I am excited to be part of a growing industry and company that is looking to make a positive impact every single day!”
Kathryn Rousseau, Breakdown Assistant Manager



Other Opportunities in the Truck Driving Industry

  • If driving a truck is not for you, there are a variety of other jobs available at PGT Trucking. Recruiters, administrative professionals, fleet managers, and mechanics all play important roles in ensuring trucks and their payloads make it to their destinations safely and on time. Here are more details about some of the roles you could choose to fulfill:

    • Diesel Mechanic – Keep those trucks going while you stay close to home. Your maintenance skills are needed at our repair shops.

    • Driver Recruiter – You’ll be a positive representative of PGT Trucking while reaching out to potential drivers through events and phone calls. Your knowledge and expertise on the truck driving industry and our company will allow you to support and integrate new drivers into our fleet.

    • Logistics Coordinator – You will be the face of the company to both customers and drivers as you coordinate load pickups, pricing, and schedules. You keep the drivers happy and on the move while satisfying customers’ needs.

    • Fleet Manager – Coordinates drivers and their loads to maximize efficiency and profitability. Supervises drivers and keeps terminals and customers informed on deliveries.

    • IT Jobs – If you are in the software development or network administration fields, we have positions for you at PGT Trucking.

    • MORE! Match your skill set to one of our diverse career opportunities listed here.

Why PGT Trucking?

  • For the fourth consecutive year, the official magazine of the Women in Trucking Association, Redefining the Road, has named PGT to the list of Top Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation. Some of the features that were considered in making this acknowledgement are a corporate culture that fosters gender diversity; competitive compensation and benefits; flexible hours and work requirements; professional development opportunities and career advancement opportunities.

  • Many drivers report that they feel like they are part of a family here. From the recruiters and trainers to the fleet managers and mechanics, these employees work together to ensure truckers are supported.

  • Pay is competitive! As carriers are charging more for critical services, our company flatbed drivers are reaping the benefits. While the industry average salary for first year company drivers was $47,130 in 2020, PGT Trucking flatbed drivers beat that number by $10,000, earning an average of $57,000, and in 2021 are in a position to make almost $73,000. Additionally, PGT Trucking offers health benefits including dental and vision care, a 401K plan, an attractive holiday and vacation package, company-paid life insurance, and long-term disability insurance.

How to Get Started


    • If you’ve read this far, it’s time to get started! 

      Shop around and apply to a few companies to find the right fit for you. When you go through the interview process, make sure to get a clear understanding of the job description, delivery schedules, and salary. As with any new job offer, make sure you’ve asked any questions or addressed any concerns you may have before signing on.

    • So, what are you waiting for? With equal pay, good benefits, flexible career paths and schedules, now is the perfect time for women to make an impact in the transportation industry, whether it is behind the wheel or in a supporting role. If you have any questions or would like to talk about opportunities at PGT Trucking, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love for you to join Team PGT!