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PGT Trucking understands that there is no one-size-fits-all career goal for truck drivers. Every truck driver has different needs for revenue, home time and equipment, which is why PGT offers multiple career options, helping truck drivers find their best fit. A Company Flatbed Truck Driver position is perfect for someone who just earned their Class A CDL. PGT’s Lease Purchase Program is a great way for aspiring Owner-Operators to get their first truck or even begin growing their own fleet. No matter what your career goal is, PGT will find the right flatbed trucking job for you. Let’s explore how you can advance your trucking career with PGT.


What are the benefits of being a company flatbed driver?

Company truck drivers are direct employees of the trucking company, receiving pay, benefits and equipment to use. The company owns the truck and trailer and books the freight – you just drive! This can be a great option for someone new to the industry or someone who doesn’t want the additional work and expenses of being a small business owner. Company drivers do not pay for fuel, maintenance or equipment – the company will cover these expenses.

At PGT, our Company Flatbed Truck Drivers receive up to 28% of line haul revenue and have employee benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance, holiday and vacation pay, a 401(k) plan and more. We use late model equipment, recently adding brand new 2023 International and Peterbilt tractors to our fleet. With over 30 terminal locations across the U.S., PGT ensures that we have contracted freight to keep our drivers making money all week long.

Can I join PGT without having truck driving experience?

PGT accepts candidates with no driving experience, as long as you already have your Class A CDL. Our industry-leading Training and Safety Orientation program will prepare you for life over-the-road, and our Certified PRO Trainers will ride with you for the first few weeks, giving you real-world training scenarios with an experienced professional by your side. Once you’re seated in your own truck, PGT’s transitional pay package will provide you with the financial stability you need to focus on driving safely during your first eight weeks solo.

What if I have no flatbed trucking experience?

At PGT, we will help you make the transition to a flatbed trucking career. During PGT’s Training and Safety Orientation, you’ll learn the flatbed basics, building a solid foundation on load securement, DOT regulations and more. Experienced drivers may be seated right after Training and Safety Orientation, giving you the ability to earn revenue right away. You’ll also have a dedicated Safety Manager available 24/7 to help you with any questions on safe loading practices, cargo securement, driving habits and more.

Are there options to advance my career as a Company Flatbed Driver?

PGT offers several safety incentives for Company Flatbed Drivers, including our Launch and Loyalty Retention Bonuses. In addition, Company Flatbed Drivers are eligible to join our advanced fleets, which come with plenty of perks to recognize their accomplishments:
  • Million Mile and Safe Drivers: PGT’s Million Mile and Safe Drivers are the safest drivers in our fleet. We celebrate the tremendous milestones of our Million Mile Safe Drivers every year with a private award ceremony.
  • Premier Professionals: PGT’s Premier Professionals maintain incredible safety and performance standards at all times, making them the most elite drivers in our fleet.
  • Certified PRO Trainers: PGT’s Certified PRO Trainers are tasked with preparing our newest drivers for a truck driving career, and these dedicated individuals are a vital component in our Training and Safety Orientation program.
  • Future of Flatbed®: PGT’s Future of Flatbed Fleet will drive our sustainable shipping solutions, using innovative technology and equipment to revolutionize the transportation industry.

Still looking for the right fit?

For drivers interested in additional opportunities, PGT offers company positions through our affiliate, Southern Pines Trucking. With Southern Pines Heavy Haul Division, experienced flatbed truck drivers can elevate their career, using specialized equipment to haul the most oversized and overweight loads imaginable.

Interested in taking your career in a different direction? Consider obtaining your HAZMAT and cryogenic tanker endorsements to haul liquid nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and more. Southern Pines also offers HAZMAT and Cryogenic positions for Company Drivers, Lease Purchase Drivers and Independent Contractors.

Lease Purchase Operator

What if I want to own my own truck but need help getting started?

Lease Purchase Operators are drivers who lease their equipment from the trucking company, making payments to eventually purchase the vehicle outright. A lease purchase program is a great option for the truck driver who always wanted to own their truck but couldn’t afford the large down payment on a new vehicle. Lease Purchase Operators earn a higher pay percentage but are also responsible for their own operating expenses, including fuel, maintenance, insurance, taxes and healthcare. Using a lease purchase program can help prospective Owner-Operators get started, easing them into the business side of trucking.

Not all Lease Purchase Programs are equal. How do I know I’m getting the best deal?

When looking at a lease purchase program, make sure you understand the full terms of the lease – is a down payment required; how payments do you have to make; is there a large payment at the end of the lease? Does the carrier offer any additional benefits or support with administrative and insurance work? Do they provide assistance with booking loads, ensuring you can generate enough revenue to make the payments?

PGT’s Lease Purchase Program offers flexible financing options, requires no money down and has no balloon payment at the end of the lease. Our Lease Purchase Manager will guide you toward success, coaching you on budgeting, freight selection and more. PGT’s Lease Purchase Operators earn 75% of the line haul revenue and receive 100% of fuel surcharges, and we also defer tractor payments for the first four weeks, including a free trailer rental during that time.


I already own my truck. How can I benefit from partnering with a major carrier?

For Owner-Operators and Independent Contractors who already own their equipment, it can be beneficial to partner with a major carrier. Trucking is a cyclical industry, and shipping rates will always fluctuate, creating challenges for Owner-Operators during market downswings. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, 2021 marked the highest marginal cost on record for the industry. As operating costs continue to rise, it’s important for Owner-Operators to secure strong contracted freight to help offset expenses.

At PGT, 99% of our freight comes directly from our customers, which provides added stability for Owner-Operators over of the spot rate market and broker boards. Owner-Operators also receive support from dedicated PGT Operations and Safety personnel, helping you achieve your revenue and home time goals each week. PGT’s Owner-Operators earn 75% of line haul revenue and receive 100% of fuel surcharges, with discounts available on fuel, parts, tires, PrePass and more. Through PGT’s partnership with Penske Truck Leasing, Owner-Operators also have access to more than 850 shop locations in the U.S., increasing your uptime potential.

Can I really choose my own loads if I work with a major carrier?

Yes! At PGT, we respect your small business, and there is no forced dispatch. Owner-Operators can take advantage of our diverse freight network, choosing the loads that work best for you. PGT is here to assist you with any administrative, compliance, safety or other operating needs, making it easy for Owner-Operators to achieve their career goals. PGT’s longest tenured Owner-Operator has been with our company for nearly 40 years, highlighting the success of PGT’s Owner-Operator program. 

Fleet Ownership

What if I want to own my own fleet of trucks one day?

PGT supports our Owner-Operators and Lease Purchase Operators, including their goals to advance toward fleet ownership. Fleet Owners have full access to PGT’s resources, all while managing their own drivers and customers. PGT will support your business, offering customizable plans to meet your exact needs. Together, we will build an effective partnership that contributes to the growth of both companies.

PGT Supports You

No matter what your flatbed trucking career goal is, PGT will support you every step of the way. Many of our Company Flatbed Drivers have advanced their positions to become successful Owner-Operators, including several with their own fleets! PGT is committed to your growth and development, and we encourage our flatbed truck drivers to take advantage of every opportunity for growth.

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PGT Trucking is proud to be named one of the 2023 Best Fleets to Drive For® by Truckload Carriers Association and CarriersEdge.