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The Power of Partnership with PGT Trucking: Spotlight on GASA Transportation

In the world of logistics and flatbed transportation, partnerships are the backbone of innovation and progress. These collaborations have the power to transform the industry, leading to more efficient processes, improved customer service, and wider reach. PGT Trucking’s strategic alliance with GASA Transportation exemplifies the strength of partnership in trucking, offering seamless cross-border flatbed transportation solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


For over two decades, PGT Trucking has been a leading flatbed transportation provider to and from Mexico. With a network of more than 30 terminals across the United States, our Laredo, Texas location was strategically established in 1998 to support our flatbed drivers and customers with cross-border shipping needs.


With a diverse customer base and their ever-changing transportation requirements, PGT recognized an opportunity to expand services beyond the border into Mexico. More than a decade ago, PGT established a partnership with GASA Transportation, a family-owned trucking company founded in 1981. GASA has locations in Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo; San Luis Potosi, Mexico; and Laredo, Texas, making them a natural fit to assist with our cross-border offerings.


GASA Transportation is a multi-sector trucking company with a fleet of over 200 tractors and currently handles the majority of PGT’s Mexican operations. Our partnership with GASA exemplifies collaboration in the transportation industry, combining strengths to create seamless end-to-end logistics solutions. Customers choose us for their international shipments for a variety of reasons, including:


  • Door-to-Door Service: We provide a door-to-door service, ensuring that the flatbed trailer loaded at the place of origin remains the same throughout the journey, eliminating the risks associated with shipment transfers at the border.
  • Bilingual Personnel: Our experienced bilingual representatives facilitate communication, ensuring seamless operations and addressing any challenges that may arise.
  • Warehousing Partnerships: Unforeseen delays by Customs can disrupt shipments. Our warehouse partnerships offer cost-effective storage solutions to minimize delays.
  • Cargo Insurance: Optional cargo insurance within Mexico provides added peace of mind to our customers.
  • Notifications: Real-time satellite tracking and delivery notifications keep customers informed throughout the shipping process, with evening operations personnel available for assistance.
  • Customs Clearance: PGT works directly with freight forwarders to expedite shipments and provide preliminary Customs information, reducing border crossing delays.

Customers of both companies benefit from an expanded range of services. PGT’s flatbed capabilities complement GASA’s strengths, resulting in a comprehensive suite of international transportation solutions. Our partnership has made safety and security paramount. We have shared best practices and provide ongoing driver training to ensure the safe delivery of flatbed loads. Working collaboratively, we share ideas and create synergy, with GASA readily embracing new protocols and regulations, seamlessly integrating them into their operations.


GASA’s expertise in navigating the intricacies of cross-border transportation is invaluable. They possess an in-depth understanding of documentation, customs procedures, and regulations, ensuring that cross-border deliveries are smooth and efficient. The foundation of the PGT-GASA partnership is trust and transparency.


“Customers appreciate how streamlined our process is,” said Sergio Villarreal, Director, Mexico Operations for PGT Trucking. “Over the years, PGT and GASA have learned a lot from one another, and we are committed to continuously developing shipping solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.”


Beyond enhancing logistics, our partnership with GASA has enriched our cultural exchange. We take pride in what we have achieved together and look forward to many more successful years ahead. Over the years, we have learned from each other, elevating our ability to serve clients even better. This collaboration has significantly increased the volume of loads moved from the U.S. into Mexico, a testament to the power of partnership. Annually, PGT Trucking ships more than 4,000 loads into and out of Mexico. GASA brings a unique perspective to the way we transport international shipments, considering factors that might be overlooked in domestic shipments, with safety and security at the forefront.


The partnership between PGT Trucking and GASA Transportation reflects the ever-evolving nature of the transportation industry. It serves as a shining example of how collaboration can create new opportunities and keep up with the growth of a market. The landscape of international commerce in Mexico is evolving at a remarkable pace, driven by the escalating manufacturing endeavors aimed at sustaining the U.S. supply chain. This projected growth paints a bright and promising future for Mexican manufacturing. As an increasing number of businesses contemplate the advantages of nearshoring their operations, they will naturally seek out the top carriers like PGT Trucking and GASA to facilitate their international freight.


“We’ve been working with PGT for over a decade, and it’s been an incredible journey,” said Ovidio Gonzalez Villarreal, Operations Administrative Assistant for GASA Transportation and Cargo Carriers, LLC. “Their focus on safety, professionalism, and open communication has not only made us better but has set the standard in the industry. Together, we’re achieving remarkable success across borders.”


PGT Trucking’s partnership with GASA Transportation is a testament to how two companies can come together to provide enhanced services, extend their reach, and offer innovative solutions. This partnership benefits not only the companies involved but also the customers who rely on us for their transportation needs.

Hispanic Heritage Month

As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation for our incredible Hispanic partners, like GASA Transportation. Their rich cultural heritage and unique perspective have not only enriched our business but also the lives of our employees. This month has been a celebration of diversity, unity, and the invaluable contributions of the Hispanic community to our society. PGT Trucking is honored to collaborate with our Hispanic partners across the country, and are thankful for the meaningful connections and opportunities we’ve gained.


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