The Power of Partnership with PGT: Spotlight on Navarro Trucking 

In an increasingly connected global economy, collaboration and diversity are key drivers of innovation, growth, and success. The transportation industry, a vital component of our daily lives and global trade, is no exception to this trend. For more than four decades, PGT Trucking has maintained a competitive advantage over other flatbed trucking companies due to our strong relationships with a diverse group of customers and vendors, including our partnership with Navarro Trucking.

Hispanic Americans make up about 19% of the U.S. population and are the second largest ethnic group in the country. In transportation, Hispanics account for 17.9% of U.S. truck drivers. PGT has recognized the diverse perspectives Hispanics bring to the table, and our partnerships have allowed us to tap into one of the fastest-growing demographic groups in the United States. 

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), PGT would like to take time to highlight the integral relationships we have with many Hispanic-owned organizations.

Navarro Trucking, Bristol, CT

About 30 minutes southwest of Hartford, CT, you will find one of New England’s fastest growing flatbed trucking companies. Navarro Trucking is a Hispanic-owned flatbed trucking company established in 2004, specializing in the transportation of building products, including steel, stone, lumber and more. With more than sixty drivers and 100 partners across the Mid-Atlantic Region, in the last two decades the Navarro team has grown, diversified and made strategic business decisions, allowing them to succeed in an industry where so many small trucking companies fail. 

The American Dream

Entrepreneurs often have unique cultural backgrounds and life experiences that shape their approach to business. For Diego Navarro, this was no different. In 2000, he came to the U.S. from Argentina with only a few dollars in his pocket. Argentinians are known for their pride, solidarity, perseverance, individualism and honor. Living these qualities, he adapted to the U.S. culture quickly by working various jobs, including in a warehouse, which is where he discovered his love of trucks and trucking.

“It all started with a passion for trucking,” said Navarro. With a mission to provide employees a safe working environment and the opportunity for growth and expansion, and customers with safe, on-time deliveries and excellent quality transportation, Navarro Trucking, LLC was launched in 2004. 

Diego Adaro and Diego Navarro, owners of Navarro Trucking

A Solid Foundation

With the success of his newly formed flatbed trucking company, Diego Navarro turned to a close friend, Diego Adaro, for support and assistance. Adaro came to the U.S. from Argentina in 2001 to pursue the American Dream. He went to school to become a truck driver and started his new life. In just two years, Adaro became a Co-Owner of Navarro Trucking and the two friends set out on a mission to grow their business. Navarro and Adaro ran truck loads day and night to satisfy their increasing delivery list. Their hard work allowed them to expand their fleet to eight tractors and ten trailers. 

Building their flatbed trucking business on the core values of ‘Safety First – Safety Always;’ second-to-none customer service; implementing innovative equipment and technology; providing employees with financial security; and hiring top-tier drivers, Navarro and Adaro were able to purchase six new 2015 Freightliner tractors, as well as twenty new trailers.  

With a growing fleet, continued customer demands, and an expanding service area, the company needed to increase in size, scope and support. It did so by adding new departments in administration, dispatch, logistics, truck maintenance and safety.  

Long-Term Success

Looking to continuously enhance their flatbed service offerings, Navarro Trucking entered into a strategic partnership with PGT Trucking in 2022. As an Integrated Fleet Partner, Navarro shares many of PGT’s core values and business objectives.  

PGT designed its Integrated Fleet Partnership Program to help small transportation businesses achieve long-term success. Integrated Fleet Partners have access to PGT’s back-office personnel, fleet maintenance programs, and driver training, helping them lower their operating costs while still having the work force needed to support their business. 

“This expansion aligns with our strategy to build a leading transportation company in the Northeast,” said Navarro. “As a PGT Integrated Fleet, we can focus on delivering strong services to our customers while providing excellent opportunities for our employees.” 

Collaboration + Innovation

Hispanic companies often have strong ties to their countries of origin and to international markets. This can be a significant asset for businesses looking to expand their global reach. Partnering with Hispanic-owned companies can provide access to valuable networks, market insights, and cultural expertise in countries across Latin America and beyond. In the last year, the partnership between PGT and Navarro has provided the following to customers: 

  • Comprehensive Transportation Solutions: Flatbed customers now have access to a broader range of transportation services, allowing them to simplify their logistics processes and work with a single trusted provider for various shipping needs. 
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: The integration of technology and streamlined operations result in greater efficiency, which can lead to cost savings for customers. Reduced transit times and improved visibility mean better control over shipments. 
  • Reliability and Consistency: Both PGT and Navarro Trucking have established reputations for reliability and consistency. Customers can continue to count on timely deliveries and exceptional service. 

The partnership between PGT and Navarro Trucking is a testament to the potential for collaboration and innovation within the trucking industry. As businesses continue to seek innovative ways to thrive in a rapidly changing world, forging partnerships with Hispanic companies is a path that leads to growth, resilience and success.  

Join PGT and Navarro Trucking

Hispanic Heritage Month is not only a time for celebration but also serves as a reminder of the immense value that diversity and inclusion bring to the American trucking industry. It’s a testament to the strength and resilience of Hispanic truckers and entrepreneurs who have helped shape the sector. By working together and embracing our shared heritage, we can pave the way for a brighter and more inclusive future in the world of transportation and logistics. 

PGT believes that diversity drives innovation, and we are proud of our drivers and employees from all backgrounds. Interested in joining our team? We offer language support, industry-leading benefits including healthcare and a 401(k) plan, and more! Come drive for the company that celebrates who you are!