Terminal Spotlight: Get to Know PGT Aliquippa

Providing jobs in transportation and logistics within the Pittsburgh region

PGT Trucking was established by Patrick Gallagher in 1981 in Industry, Pennsylvania. In 1990, PGT’s headquarters moved to Monaca, PA, and since 2016, our current headquarters have been in Aliquippa, PA. While PGT has grown to over 30 terminal locations across the United States, our company has remained rooted in Beaver County, which is part of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area. PGT’s Aliquippa terminal supports over 100 corporate employees and 150 truck drivers, providing quality transportation jobs in Western PA and the surrounding area.

PGT Aliquippa is a newly remodeled facility boasting an open concept office environment, designed to encourage collaboration and communication between departments.

The majority of PGT’s support staff works at PGT Aliquippa, including Operations, Business Development, Safety, IT, Payroll, Accounting, Recruiting, Applied Technology and more. Our corporate headquarters also includes the War Room, PGT’s logistical planning and operations hub, and the Nexus, PGT’s innovative technology and software development center. Members of PGT Senior Leadership have a strong presence in the office, helping to set the tone for PGT’s safety-driven and family-oriented culture throughout the organization.

Our visitors will witness transportation in action, gaining an immersive experience of bustling activity, constant communication and virtual message boards. PGT’s history is detailed through an interactive timeline exhibit, including a listing of PGT’s Million Mile and Safe Drivers and Premier Professionals, the elite members of PGT’s fleet. Our custom wall murals highlight the people and trucks of PGT, acting as a visual reminder of our truck drivers out on the road.

PGT’s Proud Professional Drivers are always welcome to stop by and say hello, meeting with the men and women who support them on a daily basis from the office. We value every interaction with our truck drivers, and we make sure they feel at home at PGT Aliquippa.

Rooted in Quality

Western PA is known for its industrial contributions and strong cultural traditions, and its network of rivers, railroads and highways make it a centralized district for moving goods across America. Historically, the area has a rich background in steel, with Aliquippa being home to one of J & L Steel’s productive mills from 1905-1984. The Pittsburgh region continues to be influenced by its steel roots, and PGT ensures that this valued commodity is safely and efficiently transported to all over the country. PGT has been a core carrier for U.S. Steel, another Pittsburgh-based business, for more than four decades, and steel products account for approximately 70% of the freight hauled from PGT’s Midwest Operations, which includes the Pittsburgh region.

Since 1981, PGT has been a valued member of the community, providing steady jobs in an essential industry that is continuously evolving.

“The work ethic and quality of labor in Beaver County has been phenomenal,” said Pat Gallagher, PGT Trucking Chief Executive Officer. “We have been blessed to have these hard-working individuals leading our business for the past 40 years.”

Conveniently Located to PGT Core Customers

PGT Aliquippa is strategically positioned near the Ohio River, Pittsburgh International Airport, Interstate 376 and other major highways and railroads, providing convenient access to several of PGT’s largest steel and building materials customers. Drivers based out of PGT Aliquippa have access to an abundance of direct customer freight, with numerous lanes heading west to Illinois, east to Baltimore, south to Laredo or north to New England. Through our main terminal, PGT supports the steel, building materials, machinery, oil & gas, raw materials, aluminum, and automotive industries, many of which have a strong operating presence in the area. PGT staff also visit client and shipping locations in the area, solidifying PGT’s commitment to providing quality customer service.

Supporting Local Communities

PGT has built relationships with Western PA-based organizations, including the University of Pittsburgh, Midland Innovation + Technology Charter School, NVI Blairsville and other numerous organizations and higher education institutions, providing services and support to strengthen the transportation industry within our region. PGT also maintains a summer internship program, giving college students the opportunity to learn real-world skills in a dynamic work environment, and supports the Pittsburgh Fellows program, a local youth leadership program focused on developing and mentoring the next generation. One of PGT’s core values is Stewardship, and the company encourages the growth and development of the neighborhoods around us.

Driven by Innovation

Much like Pittsburgh, PGT is looking to the future, partnering with innovative companies to provide sustainable shipping solutions for our customers and enhance the work/life balance for our drivers. The trucking industry is essential to the success of America, transporting the goods and materials we need and use every day. As the U.S. works to rebuild the economy and repair supply chain issues, the demands for the trucking industry have never been higher. We need to move more freight in an environmentally clean manner while maintaining safe and reliable service. PGT is committed to advancing transportation through the Future of Flatbed®, and that starts right here at PGT Aliquippa. PGT is transforming the way we operate, using a data-driven approach to increase our efficiency and utilization and reduce carbon emissions. Our drivers and staff are leading the way, helping to develop and implement the advanced equipment and technology that will revolutionize flatbed trucking.

Join PGT in Aliquippa, PA!

PGT Aliquippa showcases the history, core values and incredible people of PGT, and we are committed to supporting our Proud Professional Drivers every day. Our corporate headquarters sets the example for our company, and we are proud of our Western PA heritage. If you’re interested in transportation job near you, consider PGT Aliquippa.

PGT offers competitive benefits, 401(k) options, healthcare, holiday and vacation pay, and more. We have a variety of office and truck driver positions available. Take advantage of this essential industry and start your transportation and logistics career today!

PGT Trucking, a 2023 Best Fleets to Drive For® Top 20 company, has Company Driver, Lease Purchase Operator and Owner-Operator positions available. Apply now!

For a listing of our office positions, visit our Corporate Careers.

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