Professional Development Opportunities at PGT: Fueling the Next Generation

Today’s workforce is changing. Employees aren’t just looking for a steady job anymore; they want flexible benefits, positive corporate cultures, and advancement opportunities. According to Zippia, 45% of workers would stay longer at a company if that company invested in the employee’s learning and development. PGT Trucking understands that today’s employees are forward-thinking and looking to grow their professional skillsets to advance their careers. That’s why PGT provides professional development opportunities for our staff, fueling the next generation through the Future of Flatbed.

In 2021, over 47 million Americans voluntarily left their jobs, an employment shift now called the Great Resignation. Of these workers, 63% listed no advancement opportunities as a primary reason why they quit. Employees who have a clear career path with learning and development options experience higher productivity, better job satisfaction and greater self-worth. When companies invest in their employees, they build a stronger workforce, developing advanced skills in leadership and management, creative problem solving, and communication. In today’s world, it pays to believe in your people.

PGT’s Future of Flatbed® program is committed to attracting, nurturing, and developing young talent in the trucking industry, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative minds to the company. With multiple opportunities for advancement, employees at PGT are encouraged to build upon their skillsets, participate in industrywide trainings and programs, and contribute to the growth of PGT. Just ask Tyler Damazo, PGT Trucking Director of Operations.

Tyler started at PGT in 2015 through the Pittsburgh Fellows Program, a young leadership development and mentoring curriculum. After completing the Fellows, Tyler was hired as a full-time employee, receiving PGT’s Rookie of the Year Award in 2016. One year later, Tyler was given the opportunity to set up a new terminal location in Houston, Texas, jumpstarting his career path into a management role. Tyler has participated in many professional development opportunities through PGT, including PGT University and LEAD ATA, and he was awarded PGT’s Terminal Manager of the Year Award in 2021. Today, Tyler is PGT’s Director of Operations, overseeing a team of more than 225 employees and truck drivers across the country.

“There are no limits to what you can do at PGT,” states Tyler. “If you’re interested in learning more to further your career, you can do it. I enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit at PGT. It’s on you to grow, but you will be fully supported by PGT Senior Leadership. There are plenty of opportunities to develop as a young professional here.”
Tyler Damazo
Director, Operations

Professional Development Opportunities at PGT

Midland Innovation + Technology Charter School

PGT is a proud sponsor of the Midland Innovation + Technology Charter School, providing youth in Western Pennsylvania with opportunities to learn about future careers in transportation and logistics. Students in the PGT Transportation + Logistics Academy will gain valuable skills and credentials in the trucking, rail, water, air, cable, and pipeline transportation industries, preparing them to enter the workforce or continue their education after high school.

PGT Internship Pathway Program

PGT’s internship program offers college students and young professionals the chance to make an immediate impact in the transportation industry while developing the skills they need to start a successful career. Our pathways are designed to give prospective hires a wide range of experience, helping them reach their untapped potential as a young professional. With pathways in Applied Technology, Finance and Business, Information Technology, Marketing, Supply Chain Operations, and Safety, interns at PGT have unlimited opportunities to discover a field they love.

PGT interns take part in the actual operations of PGT, working alongside dedicated professionals to gain real-world experience in transportation, supply chain management and logistics. The program also includes group activities strategically designed to motivate, challenge and develop these young entrepreneurs, including a tour of PGT customer locations, a truck driver ride along for the day, and a presentation to PGT Senior Leadership, Shark Tank style! After successfully completing the Internship Pathway Program, interested individuals will be considered for full-time positions at PGT.

Pittsburgh Fellows Program

PGT is a proud partner of the Pittsburgh Fellows Program, an enhanced leadership and development opportunity for young professionals seeking to grow spiritually, professionally, and personally in the Pittsburgh area. The Pittsburgh Fellows Program helps individuals make the successful transition from college to professional employment, providing a strong foundation for life. Fellows participate in a comprehensive nine-month course with living arrangements, work placements, mentoring, and classes. After the program, many Fellows have stayed at PGT, accepting full-time employment offers to continue building their career in transportation.

PGT University

At PGT, we believe in fostering career growth and advancement for our dedicated employees, which lead us to create PGT University, our own leadership and development program. The mission of PGTU is to enrich the lives of PGT employees, both professionally and personally, by boosting overall business knowledge, raising awareness of the issues facing the transportation industry, and empowering motivated individuals to succeed. This year-long curriculum guides a class of corporate employees to reach new heights of accomplishment and fulfillment in their careers. Class members acquire invaluable skills, knowledge, and insights, helping them excel in their current roles and beyond.

Each year, a new class is inducted into the program, and through monthly, in-person meetings, these individuals focus on personal growth alongside professional development. Through course work, coaching sessions, and self-reflection exercises, participants cultivate and develop leadership best practices, emotional intelligence, and plans for future success. Since its inception in 2019, 27 staff members have participated in PGT University, many of whom have taken their knowledge and skills to assume new leadership roles within the organization.

Flatbed Fundamentals

Everyone at PGT supports our flatbed truck drivers over the road, which means our corporate staff need to have a basic knowledge of flatbed trucking in order to assist our Proud Professionals. All PGT employees attend our Flatbed Fundamentals training, a two-day session at our Training Facility in Blairsville, PA. With a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training, our staff gain basic knowledge about the rules, regulations, and policies of the trucking industry and PGT. Professionals from all departments attend Flatbed Fundamentals, and they even physically secure cargo in our Training Bay, using chains, binders, and other equipment to anchor loads on the trailer deck. These office professionals train right alongside the new class of PGT drivers, helping to build strong relationships within our company.

At PGT, “Safety is Everyone’s Job – All the Time,” and at Flatbed Fundamentals, everyone learns the proper procedures to stay safe on the job.

Industry Participation

Professional development opportunities aren’t limited to internal PGT programs – PGT encourages our employees to reach out across the transportation industry, participating in conferences, webinars, podcasts, trade shows, and more. By learning from other industry professionals, our employees can expand their knowledge, develop new skills, and challenge themselves to make an impact. This helps our staff to stay up to date on the latest market trends, new technologies, and industry news while building a strong network of trusted industry representatives.

PGT also supports development programs like LEAD ATA, a dedicated leadership program through the American Trucking Associations. This program is designed to challenge the trucking industry’s best talent, transforming them into the leaders of tomorrow. PGT is proud to have two staff members participate in LEAD ATA, and they have both advanced within the company into upper management roles.

Career Advancement

PGT offers numerous professional development opportunities to help our employees advance their careers and fuel innovation within the company. Motivated individuals drive new ideas, helping PGT explore and implement the latest technologies in flatbed transportation. For more than 42 years, PGT has known that the secret to success lies in the development of our people, and we focus on investing in their personal and professional wellbeing. There are no limitations at PGT. We’re preparing for the future, where flatbed transportation is revolutionized through technology, sustainability, and the active involvement of young talent. PGT is the #FutureOfFlatbed.

Join the Future of Flatbed

PGT fosters a culture of learning, exploration, and innovation through our professional development opportunities, fueling the next generation of leaders like Tyler. We believe that our people are our best asset, and we invest in their future, continuing to attract and develop new talent to lead us to the Future of Flatbed. Join our team and apply today!