Million Mile Driver Spotlight

One of the top honors for a truck driver is that of Million Mile and Safe Driver. At PGT Trucking, we recognize these drivers every year during a special celebration event in May. Million Mile Drivers have driven over a million miles without a safety incident, and Safe Drivers have over five years of service and less than a million miles driven without a safety incident. These drivers are the safest in the PGT fleet, and this year, we are proud to welcome eight new drivers to the million mile club! These new drivers will join 43 current Million Mile Drivers at PGT: that’s over 51 million miles (and counting) of safe driving.
Three of our new million mile drivers are affiliated with our Owner Operators, a valued and respected division of our PGT fleet. PGT was founded by Pat Gallagher with one tractor and two employees, so we understand the unique needs of our Independent Contractors to start and grow their business. For more than forty years, PGT has focused on providing quality service and building lasting relationships to foster trust, confidence and retention for our drivers. At PGT, Owner Operators maintain their independence while having the support they need to be successful. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are available 24/7/365 to assist our drivers with load securement, vehicle safety and equipment questions, and our Independent Contractors have competitive pay rates and incentive programs to help build their business.
We know that safely driving a million miles is a remarkable accomplishment, and we’re excited to present our Million Mile Driver Spotlight Series. Follow along as we highlight each of our new Million Mile Drivers and learn how they keep us safe every single day, including our first driver spotlight, Independent Contractor Driver Bobby Burlile.

Meet Bobby Burlile
Bobby Burlile has been driving as an Independent Contractor Driver with PGT for seven years. His Terminal Manager, Mike Rowley, states that Bobby is one of his top drivers. Bobby goes above and beyond his job description, and he’s always willing to lend a helping hand to others. So how does Bobby drive a million miles safely?
To Bobby, there’s not much to it: “Just keep the door shut, and stay at it.”
Bobby’s simple approach to getting the job done is really a practice makes perfect mentality. He hauls mostly steel products, and the repetition helps him master proper securement. For Bobby, the biggest challenge is navigating everyday traffic, which is a constantly changing variable. Bobby controls what he can by properly securing his loads, planning out his trips and following all DOT and PGT regulations so that he can focus on his driving.
As a part of an Owner Operator terminal, Bobby appreciates having so many resources available. Through PGT, Bobby has access to 24/7/365 support, quality equipment and maintenance technicians, and a rich and consistent freight base. Bobby can contact his Fleet Manager, Safety and Risk teams at any time to get assistance with load securement, maintenance needs or general safety questions.
Bobby knows that many young drivers will rush to get the job done, but it’s better to be patient and slow down the process, whether they’re driving, securing a load or filling out paperwork. A slow and steady pace will lead to safe habits and success in flatbed trucking.
Bobby advises, “Just be patient with everything.”
For Bobby, the best part of being a truck driver is the freedom that driving provides him. He can set his own schedule and be out on his own without being stuck in an office all day. Bobby is happy just doing his part and making a living, and he knows that he has plenty of opportunities with PGT to be successful through his Independent Contractor. Bobby plans to drive until he’s ready for retirement, and then this proud grandfather of two wants to spend time with his family and hang out on his boat.
Congratulations to Bobby and all of our Million Mile and Safe Drivers! We look forward to celebrating with you!
Drive with Us
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