Million Mile Driver Spotlight #5

With the current outlook in the trucking industry, there is no better time to join PGT Trucking, especially as an Owner Operator. With freight rates at an all-time high, drivers are making more money than ever before, and the high demand for transportation services means there are plenty of opportunities for drivers to find the right job that meets their needs.
Our Independent Contractors have the flexibility to set their own schedules and get away from the typical 9-5 desk job. By partnering with a reliable carrier like PGT, Owner Operators have access to a strong freight network, customer base and support teams to take their business to the next level. Our next Million Mile Driver spotlight and Independent Contractor, David Morrow, has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and he knows that truck driving is better than it’s ever been.

Meet David Morrow
Ever since he was a teenager, David Morrow has worked long and hard to provide for himself and his family. He’s never shied away from tough jobs, so when David was presented with an opportunity to drive a truck, it was easy for him to say yes. David drove for about 12 years before joining PGT as an Owner Operator, and he’s been a member of our family for over 11 years. This past year, David reached one of our top milestones of driving over a million safe miles. When asked about his secret to success, David only said two words: his mailbox.
Every day, there’s a new bill in the mailbox that needs to be paid, and driving gives David an opportunity to provide for his family and pay those bills. Of course, it’s not all about work – David had fun early in his career and enjoyed seeing different parts of the country. Now that he’s older, David appreciates getting home to his family and having a steady form of income.
David’s advice to new, younger drivers is pretty black and white. “You’re either going to love the job or hate it, so you have to love it,” remarks David. “If you don’t love it, then the job’s not right for you.”
For those drivers who love it, PGT is a great company. David has worked with other trucking companies that ran drivers too hard or didn’t treat drivers with any respect, but at PGT, David has always been happy.
“I’ve never gone a day without a load when I’ve wanted one, I like who I work with and I have good backup support from the main office. You can’t ask for a better trucking job,” says David.
David believes that the trucking industry has greatly improved in the 23 years since he started driving, in part due to the technological advancements and new equipment that’s available. David loves his electronic logging device (ELD) and AI-powered cameras. The ELD makes David be more responsible for his daily production. He knows the clock is ticking on his workable hours, so David plans his stops and breaks accordingly to make the most of his driving time. The forward, rear and side-facing cameras are also a great way to highlight David’s safe driving habits and show what really happens on the road with other motorists.
Truck driving is a solitary profession, and cell phones with hands free communication devices have helped David stay in touch with friends, family and fellow drivers when he’s on the road. David is also a fan of podcasts, and he tries to listen to a variety of channels to stay well-rounded and informed. When he is at home, though, David puts the cell phone down and focuses on the personal interactions.
“I don’t get many opportunities to interact with family face-to-face, so when I’m home or out with friends, I’m one hundred percent invested in that,” notes David.
Of course, cell phones also lead to distracted driving, which is one of the biggest challenges David faces from other motorists during the day. He believes that cell phones, while useful, are the greatest threat to being safe on the road.
“I’m always looking at the left lane to make sure that the other vehicle isn’t about to drift into my lane,” observes David. “From the view up here, I can see when someone is on their phone, which happens a lot.”
Even with the modern changes in the trucking industry, David knows that things need to keep improving in order to provide a better work/life balance for drivers. He’s seen a lot after more than 20 years of driving over the road, and David’s excited for whatever else the future brings to flatbed trucking. Eventually, David plans to retire at PGT as an Owner Operator and spend more time with his family, occasionally getting out to spend time on his boat, but he’s not quite ready for a slower lifestyle just yet.
“I can’t possibly sit still that long,” jokes David.
We’re happy to have David continue his Independent Contractor career at PGT, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation to continue to improve our industry through the Future of FlatbedSM.
Join PGT
PGT has made strategic, innovative partnerships to take advantage of the latest technologies so we can provide a better experience for our drivers. We want our drivers to be safer, to be home more often and to make more money. Enhancing the driver experience will lead to a more efficient and sustainable industry.
Our drivers are the lifeblood of PGT, and we respect the hard work, dedication and sacrifice these men and women do every day. That’s why we offer a competitive compensation for Independent Contractors, with access to incentive programs including discounts on fuel, parts and tires, available health care plans, and more.
When our drivers are successful, PGT is successful. Come join our team of Proud Professionals and take part in the Future of Flatbed.