Building Relationships over the Road: Flatbed Truck Drivers Benefit from a Corporate Chaplain

America’s truck drivers are out on the road every day, transporting the goods and materials that fill our grocery stores, build our cars and stock our hospitals. These men and women travel across the country, safely navigating through congested highways, busy truck stops and packed delivery sites. They work hard to provide for their families back home, keeping the bills paid, the fridge full and the lights on. Truck drivers are essential to keep our country running, but this job isn’t for everyone. Trucking is a way of life, and drivers need to have a strong support system in order to be successful. PGT Trucking knows the importance of those personal relationships, which is why we provide additional services through our Corporate Chaplain, helping our flatbed truck drivers and office staff persevere through any situation.

A corporate chaplain is a faith-based counselor in the workplace, providing a comforting outlet for truck drivers to manage feelings of stress, grief, crisis, anxiety and more. Our personal lives don’t stop once the work clock starts, and a corporate chaplain can help guide us through the challenges we face during the day. According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress. The transportation industry is a 24/7 business, and it can be difficult for truck drivers to continue operating at top performance levels, especially when faced with personal struggles at home.

“As PGT’s Chaplain, my role is to raise awareness of our mental and spiritual health, encouraging individuals to improve their relationships,” said Sid Bream, PGT Trucking Corporate Chaplain. “PGT feels like a family because we truly care about each other’s wellbeing. It starts with the challenge of becoming a better person, a better spouse and a better parent.”

A Better You Leads to Strong Relationships

Sid believes that when you work to become a better person, you begin to strengthen the relationships with those around you. For truck drivers who spend their days over the road in a truck cab, they can feel isolated from their loved ones back home and their Operations personnel at the office. Through Sid’s experience as a professional baseball player, he can relate to the struggles that distance may cause and help drivers make stronger connections in their personal and professional lives.

“During my baseball career, I spent a lot of time on the road away from my wife and family,” stated Sid. “I understand how difficult it can be to maintain those relationships when you’re not home, so I try to offer guidance and impart God’s wisdom, helping our drivers work through their problems. You may have to work twice as hard, but you can do it.”

PGT truck drivers primarily contact Sid to discuss concerns about their relationships, whether at home or at the office, but they can also reach out during any potentially difficult times, like the loss of a loved one or a serious medical diagnosis. PGT’s Corporate Chaplain is there to assist our drivers and office staff however they need, even if it seems minor.

“Some people just want to tell their story and be heard,” said Sid. “I actively listen, letting them get it off their chest. If it feels like more than that, I’ll offer some guidance, but it always starts with just listening.” 

Benefits of Corporate Chaplaincy

Corporate chaplaincy has traditionally been used by organizations like hospitals, sports teams and the U.S. military, but the service has grown over the past decade, with more public and private companies expanding their employee benefits to include access to a chaplain. PGT has maintained a chaplain service since 2009, adding Sid as our in-house Corporate Chaplain in 2014.

“Corporations are starting to understand that people are hurting and need some guidance, so they are installing chaplains to help,” noted Sid.

Estimates believe that employee usage of chaplains in the workplace are above 50%, and according to Corporate Chaplains of America, companies can benefit from “lower employee turnover, higher reported job satisfaction, greater employee productivity and lower absenteeism rates.” At PGT, the service has aided our recruiting efforts, solidifying our founding principle of building personal relationships.

“I consistently receive feedback from our drivers about how much they value our chaplain service,” stated Michael Opacic, PGT Trucking Driver Recruiter. “Sid meets with the new truck driver class every week, and it has a positive impact on our drivers of faith.”

Comprehensive Support System

PGT’s Corporate Chaplain attends our Driver Training and Orientation in Blairsville, PA, every week to meet with our truck driver candidates. During the meeting, Sid shares his story with the class, motivating our drivers to focus on their families, their relationships and their goals. Every driver receives Sid’s contact information, and they are encouraged to reach out to him whenever they are in need.

Sid also visits PGT’s Headquarters in Aliquippa, PA, maintaining close ties with PGT Operations staff and Senior Leadership. Whenever a Proud Professional is in need, our Corporate Chaplain can work with our staff to find an effective solution, creating a cohesive support unit for the driver.

“Our relationships are the most important thing in our lives,” said Sid. “Whether personally or professionally, we need to have strong connections with each other in order to succeed. Through His messages and wisdom, I believe that we can improve our wellbeing.”

The Resources to Help You Succeed

PGT believes in providing our flatbed truck drivers with the resources they need to be successful over the road. We support our drivers’ personal and professional wellbeing, giving them immediate access to their Fleet Manager, Safety Manager, Training Staff and Corporate Chaplain. PGT helps our Proud Professionals take care of any challenge they may face.

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