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Flatbed Trucking Services in Aliquippa, PA

PGT Trucking provides the highest quality flatbed transportation services to our customers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our team’s commitment to customer relationships, safety, on-time freight delivery, and competitive rates is what keeps us an industry leader in flatbed transportation.

Why use a flatbed trailer?

Above all else, a flatbed trailer is efficient. When you have multiple pieces of large machinery or equipment to transport, you cannot afford to take several long trips. A flatbed makes things infinitely easier. Furthermore, flatbed transportation services allow for more control over the objects being transported. Each item can be securely fastened and then checked over periodically during transit.

Construction equipment transport and moving

Construction equipment is bulky. More often than not, you’ll require sizeable trucks and transportation to properly relocate each item. 
At PGT Trucking, we understand that this equipment is your livelihood. Any damage to even a single piece of machinery might mean that you are unable to perform your job. We will not allow for any accidents. When we transport a load of any size, we give your equipment our full attention. You never need worry about your goods.

Heavy machinery auction trucking and transport

If you spend some free time visiting local auctions, chances are you’re going to acquire a unique -- and perhaps unwieldy -- item or two. If that’s the case, know that PGT Trucking offers unique transportation services designed to relocate your items successfully.
We can move anything you find at an auction. Before transportation, we ask that you take into consideration the working condition of all machinery, call us for a free quote, and ensure all paperwork is in order.

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To schedule flatbed transportation services, contact PGT Trucking at 1-800-832-6748. We’ll work with you to ensure your goods are transported safely and on time.

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