What our Drivers
are Saying

Company Drivers

“I chose PGT as my carrier of choice because of the care and support they show their drivers.”

Dylan Smalley – Company Driver


"Find a company that works for you, like PGT, that will give you your home time, and works with your skill set."

Peggy Glidewell – Company Driver


PGT is Family
PGT Works for You

Lease Purchase Drivers

“We live in a time of social and economic stress. Many people are unable to outright purchase a truck and lease on to a company for a variety of reasons. I came to PGT for two reasons. First, I wanted to buy a good truck at a reasonable cost



that I could own. Second, I wanted to make a decent income doing it. I’m over half way to achieving my goal and I’m glad I made the right decision.”

Tom Hay – Lease Purchase Operator

PGT Provides Opportunity



“The reason I work for PGT is because of the extensive customer base and the dedication of the people with the company.”

George Shea – Independent Contractor

PGT is Dedicated