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International Trucking Services in Aliquippa, PA

Life will take you to extraordinary places if you let it. At PGT Trucking, we help make such journeys unfold by offering international trucking services. We can handle the complexities of multinational shipping. Our top-notch team transports goods from the United States to both Mexico and Canada.


We have a range of services to Mexico to make your international shipments go smoothly:
Warehousing partnerships
Bilingual operating personnel
Optional cargo insurance within Mexico
High value cargo escorts available upon request
Track, trace, and delivery notification to final destination
Preliminary customs clearance information


PGT also services multiple Canadian provinces. With Canadian qualified drivers, we can haul freight to and from Ontario, Quebec, and Western Canada. Border crossing is monitored carefully and completed with no trans-loading. The Operations Personnel handling Canadian loads are knowledgeable in all cross-border concerns and offer a high level of personalized service.

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Since opening our doors, PGT Trucking has operated with the long-standing goal of utmost safety and customer satisfaction. We’ve worked tirelessly to foster long-lasting relationships with our clients. We accomplish this by providing professional international trucking services.
Trucking and transport from one state or city to another is relatively easy compared to international transport. At PGT Trucking, though, you won’t know the difference. Our expertise makes things easy for you. Our goal to provide our clients with total satisfaction extends across borders. Whatever you need transported, we’re available and willing to tackle the challenge. Just give us a call to discuss our current international trucking services. Don’t let the borders trip you up -- we transport goods to both Canada and Mexico!

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To schedule international trucking services, contact PGT Trucking today at 1-800-837-7748. We’re happy to discuss our prices and services with you over the phone today!

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