Safety is the
Driving Force

PGT Trucking Provides the Best Driver Training and Orientation

Driver training and orientation are paramount at PGT. Whether you have been driving two weeks or 20 years, we have a customized training program for you. We know drivers want to get on the road, so from the very first day of orientation we take you outside and get you behind the wheel. During orientation, we place drivers in the most capable and understanding hands, their own peers. Our instructors consist of experienced CDL drivers with over 100 combined years of experience.

Once drivers have completed orientation, based on skill level, they are either placed with a PGT Driver Trainer or they are seated and released to drive on their own. 

After a driver has completed training, they are assigned a Safe Operations Manager. This individual is available 24/7 to answer questions regarding load securement and vehicle safety. Our Safe Operations Managers keep a watchful eye on drivers to make sure they are exhibiting a work ethic suitable for PGT. If at any time room for improvement is needed, the Safe Operations Manager will work with the driver to get them back on the right track.

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