Safety Is the
Driving Force


Safety is the driving force behind everything we do at PGT Trucking, Inc. Our core value of “Safety is Everyone’s Job – All the Time” is a commitment that starts at the top of our Executive Management Team with our founder and CEO, Pat Gallagher, and reaches deep into our corporate culture. PGT is committed to being a responsible community partner and sharing the road with the motoring public in a safe and courteous manner. Because of this commitment, PGT continues to be one of the safest and most profitable flatbed carriers in the industry.

Our company wide commitment of continuing safety education:
  • Simulator Training
  • Smith Systems Training
  • National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course for Professional Truck Drivers
  • Continuous reinforcement of hours of service and safe driving techniques to all drivers from our Operations, Maintenance and Safety Departments
  • Customer Site Safety Audits to ensure and assist our drivers and customers with proper securement
  • PGT state-of-the-art Securement Manual ©
  • Vehicle safety inspection lane to ensure all drivers equipment is in top shape before they hit the road
  • PGT distributes a high level monthly safety theme to all drivers along with weekly distribution of related topics to the monthly safety theme.
  • PGT publishes a monthly safety newsletter called “Between the White Lines.” Each edition’s focus is on the monthly safety theme. Also included is a “Did You Know?” section that typically provides answers to regulatory or company practices. Each edition has a question from one of the columns in the newsletter. Drivers and office staff are encouraged to submit their answer for entry into drawings for gift cards.
  • Safety Managers spend time on the road meeting with individual drivers at terminals, truck stops, customers, etc., to review safety information, including cargo securement, driver/vehicle credentials, vehicle inspections and individual safety performance.
  • PGT requires all newly-hired and leased drivers to complete mandatory training at 30/60/90/180/270 days from their start date. The purpose of this training is to provide constant coaching, mentoring, and review of the PGT core values that drivers learn at the orientation and training program. The program provides continuing education and aids in driver retention. Additionally, the program enables PGT to test the driver’s comprehension and retention of the information learned in the early stages of their career with PGT.