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  • TRANSFLO NOW! Mobile Download now available.  Click Here
  • Download the latest Drivers Newsletter.  Click Here
  • Learn about our Detention procedure.  Read More
  • Pro-Tread Quarterly Safety Training.  Learn More
  • $1,000 reward for helping us find drivers. Read More
  • Submit your paperwork using your iPhone or Android Smartphone. Read More

Refer a Friend, Receive up to $1,000!

If You Know A Few Good Owner-Operators or Company Drivers, Let Us Know.We want to reward you for helping PGT.

Simply refer a driver to PGT and if they are qualified to drive for PGT you will receive a $1,000 bonus.

Don’t wait.  Refer a friend today.
Contact us at 866-534-2399 for more information on the driver referral bonus

Submit your paperwork for settlement using your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

Transflo Now! Mobile Download

  1. Open either the Android Market or Apple App Store on your smart phone and search for TRANSFLO Now.
  2. Check the phone requirements on the description, if your phone meets the requirements, begin downloading the app.
  3. Follow the on screen registration process and be sure to have your fleet ID (PGTT) and a valid email address at the time of registration.  You will receive a confirmation email with an activation link, click it to activate your account.
  4. You can now begin using the app.  Further instructions can be found at

Questions about Transflo Now!?
Contact: Linda Lomagro
Phone: 724-987-1777

Are you being detained? 

If you encounter detention at a shipper or consignee, please contact James Africa at 724-987-1660 or  Detention charges typically start accumulating after 2 hours of free time upon on-time arrival for your appointment.  All detention time must be logged as on-duty not driving time.  If you are in a situation and unsure if detention is applicable, call James and he will guide you.

Pro-Tread Quarterly Online Safety Training

All drivers must complete the quarterly safety training within the time allotted. Drivers are required to complete 4 online safety training sessions per year.  The deadline to complete the 4th quarter safety training is December 31, 2014.

If you complete the Q-4 training, you will also be given credit for Q-1 (2015). Likewise if you fail to complete the Q-4 training, you will be disqualified for Q-4 and Q-1 (2015).

Click HERE for instructions and login information.

If you are unsure if you have completed the training, need help logging in or have additional questions please contact the Pro-Tread administrator Beverly Amadio @ 724-987-1760.

The 4th quarter sessions are:  Lane Changes & Intersections and Safe Lifting Driver




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